Innovative Bankruptcy Solutions For Real Estate

NRC has innovative solutions for the real estate challenges and upheaval to come over the next several years as many real estate and business asset classes face restructuring challenges and significant value destruction.

NRC has been assisting companies in a wide variety of industries, turnaround professionals, trustees, receivers, and bankruptcy and real estate attorneys since 1991. From its work for the Resolution Trust Corporation, the FDIC and major corporations, NRC has developed powerful processes to accelerate the sale of real property and create liquidity for owners and lenders alike. NRC has special expertise in several asset classes.


  • Single tenant retail, including chain restaurants, convenience stores and other free-standing real estate (whether owned or leased)

  • Limited and full-service hotels 

  • Industrial and warehouse properties

  • Mixed asset portfolios

  • Timeshare resorts 

  • Going concern businesses and specialty situations

NRC has over 30 years of experience in marketing and selling properties (i) in bankruptcy proceedings, both debtor and trustee directed, (ii) through foreclosure sales and (iii) through rapid divestitures of surplus properties, all of which are designed to bolster company balance sheets and provide immediate liquidity.


Sale timelines are dramatically shortened in NRC sales, and our sales reach and motivate a majority of likely buyers and brokers to action with wide-ranging and high profile marketing and asset exposure. NRC’s professionals provide the expertise our clients rely upon for real estate and financial advisory services, property marketing, divestiture sales and coordination of closings, whether consensual or through a court-ordered process. We create a sense of urgency and generate results.


We provide the flexibility to divest a single property, a few sites or a large portfolio to be sold to individual buyers through our “buy one, some or all” sale format. Sales offerings may contain similar assets or mixed-type assets, whether in single or multiple geographic locations.


NRC offers a variety of sale formats to meet the unique needs of our clients, including:

  • Conventional Sales with Accelerated Marketing/ 

  • Call for Offers

  • Sealed Bid Sales/Date Certain

  • Auctions/Live or in Court

  • Structured Sales/M&A, Bulk Sales


Some of the benefits of the NRC approach to real estate sales include: speed to market, transparency, solutions for complex situations, sales with multiple properties, locations and lenders, and the efficiency of a bulk sale which maximizes individual asset values.


Bankruptcy Chapters 7 and 11 (363 sales and other), Stalking Horse Overbid Sales, structured and marketed foreclosure sales, corporate divestitures, REO and Short Sales, hard to value and unique properties, note sales and divestitures of all property classes.